Quiz on Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” fairy tale

Quiz on Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” fairy tale
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1. Where did the soldier come from and where did he go?

2. What was the family Gerda was brought up in?

3. Whom did he meet on the road?

4. What Gerda’s qualities can we see in the tale?

5. What flowers did Kay and Gerda have in their garden?

6. What did the old witch wanted the soldier to take out of the old tree?

7. What was the soldier supposed to see on the hollow’s bottom?

8. What was the name of the boy which was kidnapped by the Snow Queen?

9. How many doors the soldier was supposed to see?

10. Where did Kay have a shiver of glass?

11. Who gave Gerda a reindeer, so that she could reach the Snow Queen’s palace?

12. What eyes had the dog in the first room?

13. What eyes had the dog in the second room?

14. What did the sorceress to make the girl forget about what she was to do and who she was to save?

15. What eyes had the dog in the third room?

16. Who took the girl to the prince and princess’ palace?

17. What did the old witch gave the soldier to let him get through the dogs?

18. Who gave Gerda a gold carriage?

19. What money was in the chest in the first room?

20. What word was Kay to form from the pieces of ice?