Quiz on Coco Chanel

Quiz on Coco Chanel
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1. In what year was Coco Chanel born?

2. What is the real name of Coco Chanel?

3. What did Coco Chanel in her spare time, when she was 18?

4. Which accessory was the beginning, the first step in the Coco Chanel’s creative career?

5. Fashion for what accessory was introduced by Coco Chanel, when she returned from a cruise in 1923?

6. Where did Coco Chanel live for more than 30 years, believing that place to be her home?

7. What was the favorite number of Coco Chanel?

8. What attribute of black color from woman’s wardrobe did Coco Chanel make popular?

9. What piece of clothing was Coco Chanel’s favorite one?

10. Which legendary female accessory did Coco Chanel invent?