Quiz on "Jules Verne"

Quiz on "Jules Verne"
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1. Jules Verne was one of the founders of what literature genre?

2. What place in the world does Jules Verne occupy according to the number translated works?

3. A member of what society was Jules Verne?

4. How many novels did Vern write during his life?

5. The character of what novel is Phileas Fog?

6. What is a sub-genre of the adventure literature that the novel «The Mysterious Island» written in?

7. Which novel describes the adventures of the whaling schooner-brig «Pilgrim» passengers?

8. What Verne’s novel is based on the hypothesis of a hollow earth, which in the XIX century was not yet completely rejected?

9. Who pointed Verne towards the idea of ​​his novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"?

10. Which of Verne's novels is the closest to the modern traditions of fantasy?