Marcel Duchamp Quiz: questions and answers

Marcel Duchamp Quiz: questions and answers
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Marcel Duchamp was a famous French-American painter and sculptor, who was one of the brightest representatives of Cubism and Dadaism. What do you know about his biography?

Marcel Duchamp quiz contains ten interesting questions with multiple choice answers to test yourself.

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1. Where was Marcel Duchamp born?

2. At what age did he start painting?

3. How many wives did Marcel Duchamps have?

4. Who was Duchamp also known as?

5. Which of the following is not Marcel Duchamp's work?

6. What was the full name of Duchamps?

7. What is the name of the most famous Duchamp's readymade?

8. When did Duchamps created Société Anonyme?

9. How many chess championships did Duchamps win?

10. When di he receive American citizenship?