Quiz for Nature Experts: Guess the Tree from the Leaf!

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Quiz for Nature Experts: Guess the Tree from the Leaf!
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Autumn is coming, and every day the trees around us begin to transform, decorating their leaves with red and yellow colors. It is very beautiful! But while their green crowns please our eyes, let's check if you know which tree and what kind of leaves grow on it.

The Quiz for Nature Experts: Guess the Tree from the Leaf! consists of 20 multiple choice trivia questions with pictures and hints. Take a look at them and try to give the right answers.

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1. The leaves of this tree contain ascorbic acid, ellagic acid, galus acid, caffeic acid, quinones, flavonoids, vitamin B, tannins, carotenoids, violaxanthin, flavoxanthin, cryptoxanthin and essential oil.


2. This tree is often found in parks, where it is planted in groups or singly, creating park landscapes.


3. This plant is more commonly found in shrub form, but it also occurs as a tree. It has been cultivated by humans for nuts since ancient times.


4. This relatively short tree is called sorbo selvatico in Italian, serbal in Spanish, eberesche in German, and jarzębina in Polish.


5. The huge trunks of these trees, over two meters in diameter, are used to make vats for squeezing grapes.


6. The oldest and largest tree of this species grows by the Linguaglossa road in the municipality of Sant'Alfio on the eastern slope of the volcano Etna. It is estimated to be between 2 and 4 thousand years old.


7. According to legend, the wood of this tree was used to carve a flute to help fight evil in Mozart's opera The Magic Flute.


8. This tree is one of the most common in Europe.


9. According to some versions, these trees appeared on our planet about 40 million years ago. Their wood resists rotting for a long time in constant contact with water. Because of this characteristic it was used in medieval Europe for making water pipes and


10. This tree has such a dense crown that the lower branches die off due to insufficient light for the photosynthetic process.


11. According to biblical legend, the leaf of this plant was used by Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness.


12. The leaves of this tree are used as a spice in the cooking of many nations.


13. The leaves of this tree grow as needles and persist on the branches for six years or more.


14. The wood of this tree is used to make musical instruments, and it was also formerly used in mechanical engineering to make weaving shuttles.


15. In Turkmenistan, there is a thousand-year-old tree called "seven brothers". It got its name for the fact that at a height of 3 meters from the ground it forms seven large trunks.


16. This relict tree is a living fossil. Such as it was widespread on Earth during the Mesozoic era.


17. This plant has a well branched root system that includes both surface roots and anchor roots that penetrate deep into the soil. Because of this, it rarely falls over due to strong winds, making it very popular in urban landscaping.


18. This tree is popularly known by different names, such as: wilha, volha, spruce, leshinnik, oleshnik, oleh.


19. This conifer is a deciduous plant, its soft-touch needles fall off every winter and regrow in the spring.


20. The bark of these trees is used for tanning leather, as well as for making plant dyes yellow and green.