Animals Quiz: What do You Know About Their Lives?

Animals Quiz: What do You Know About Their Lives?
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The animal world of our planet is amazing, sometimes unpredictable and, of course, incredibly beautiful. We admire the grace of a panther, the rich life of ants or the mysterious and fascinating underwater kingdom.

The Animals Quiz "What Do You Know About Their Lives?" consists of 20 engaging questions that will test your knowledge or enrich it with new facts. How many correct answers will you get?

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1. Which animals are considered pets?

Animals that have been domesticated by man

2. What are companion animals for?

For recreation, pleasure, and companionship

3. Which animal is called a dromedary?

A one-humped camel

4. Which group does the peacock belong to?


5. Are birds social animals?

Yes, because birds communicate with each other using visual and audible signals and can perform social actions.

6. How does Père David's deer, which is listed in the Red Book, differ from other members of the family?

Père David's deer likes to stay in water for long periods and swims well.

7. What is one of the distinguishing characteristics of big cats from small cats?

Big cats, unlike small cats, can growl.

8. Is there such an animal as the chupacabra known to science?

No, it's a character in an urban legend.

9. Which of these animals is famous for cannibalism?

Gustav the Nile Crocodile, still alive today, has killed about 200-300 people in the last few years, and possibly more.

10. What were Earth's first animals born in space?


11. Which bird became extinct because European colonists exterminated it for its delicious meat and the pigs, cats, and monkeys brought in by the sailors ravaged their nests?


12. Which animal is the largest in the world?

Blue whale

13. Who are the Rhesus macaque?

The species of macaque.

14. Which breed of dog is described as elegant, aristocratic, with a sense of dignity?


15. Which animals usually manage to pass a "mirror test" showing signs of self-awareness?


16. Why are dogs with a shortened skull face not recommended by some airlines around the world to be carried on their flights?

Extreme temperatures and thin air pose an additional risk to the lives of these breeds.

17. What is zoolatry?

A set of rituals and beliefs associated with the religious veneration of animals.

18. What is an unstudied physiological feature of cats?

Skin marginal sac on the ears.