Insects Quiz for Children: Trivia Questions and Answers

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Insects Quiz for Children: Trivia Questions and Answers
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The Insects Quiz for Children will not only help entertain, but also test how well a child knows these small but very interesting creatures. Some of them may seem difficult, but they involve familiarizing children with material that is new to them.

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1. With which insect is man crossed in famous Marvel comics, movies, and cartoons?


2. Which insect weaves a web and hunts flies?


3. Which insect is born from a caterpillar and likes to flutter over flowers?


4. What insect walks on water?

Water lizard

5. Why does the mosquito squeak?

What we perceive as a squeak is the sound his little wings make when he flaps them.

6. What insect looks something like a fly swatter? Only instead of white spots on its back, we see black ones.


7. Why is an ant stronger than an elephant?

Because the ant lifts a weight that is greater relative to its weight than the weight the elephant lifts relative to its weight.

8. What kind of insect can bite?


9. What mustachioed insect scares everyone in Korney Chukovsky's fairy tale?


10. What is the name of an insect that can jump a long distance?


11. Which of these bugs can't fly?


12. What insect makes honey?

A bee

13. What is the name of the beetle that grabbed the girl and put her on the tree in Andersen's fairy tale Thumbelina?

The May beetle

14. Why doesn't a fly fall from the ceiling?

Because that's how its feet are made (they have little claws on them).

15. Which insects are human helpers?

A bee and a spider

16. Which insects develop larvae in water?


17. Which animal refers to insects?


18. Which insect is considered a descendant of the meganeur?


19. Which of these insects is a predator?