Literature Quiz: Romeo and Juliet. 10 Trivia Questions with Answers

Literature Quiz: Romeo and Juliet. 10 Trivia Questions with Answers
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Romeo and Juliet is one of William Shakespeare's most famous works. It is a tragic story of love and years of enmity, which subsequently became the basis for numerous works of fiction: plays, paintings, movies, and much more.

The Literature Quiz: Romeo and Juliet, which you can take on our website, consists of 10 multiple choice trivia with answers. Test your general knowledge on the subject!

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1. Over how many days does the action of the tragedy take place?


2. Who was Romeo first in love with?


3. Where did Romeo and Juliet first meet?

At a carnival ball in the Capulet house

4. Why did Tybalt hold a grudge against Romeo?

Because he sneaked into Capulet's ball

5. When did Romeo and Juliet first swear their love for each other?

When Romeo came to Juliet's balcony

6. What happens during Tybalt's confrontation with Romeo?

Tybalt kills Mercutio

7. Why does Romeo face execution?

Because of Tybalt's murder

8. Ask the king for forgiveness

9. How does Juliet intend to escape her marriage to Paris?

Drink a miraculous potion that will put her in a near-death state, then leave with Romeo

10. Why didn't Lorenzo's plan work?

Lorenzo's letter outlining his plan did not reach Romeo