Plant Quiz: Guess a Flowering Plant from a Photo

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Plant Quiz: Guess a Flowering Plant from a Photo
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Free online printable quiz with multiple-choice questions (MCQ) without registration.

Tests with pictures about flowers, trees and other plants are very popular on our project. Many of you have an excellent visual memory and do well with our questions.

The Plant Quiz: Guess a Flowering Plant from a Photo, which you can take on this page, consists of interesting questions of varying difficulty. Test your knowledge!

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1. These shrubs from the Olive family adorn European cities on the eve of summer.


2. This beautifully flowering plant was named by French botanist Charles Plumier after his colleague. It is the official state flower of both Mississippi and Louisiana.


3. In Eastern countries, this plant with large bright flowers is considered a talisman-keeper of the house. According to this belief, it helps in business, fights depression and is a source of energy for its owner.


4. This plant is often referred to by florists as the "room maple". Its Latin name is Abutilon, but you can often find another one. It is a ...


5. In this photo, this plant looks like a mushroom. But it actually gets its name from the Latin word for "slipper."


6. This beautiful plant is the official emblem of the Swedish province of Västergötland. It is also an excellent fall melliferous plant.


7. These delicate flowers bloom on a tree whose wood is highly prized for various crafts.


8. Behind these flowers on plant will appear fragrant, delicious berries. These are ...


9. The flowers of this plant are often compared to candles because they grow vertically upwards, or almost vertically.


10. The leaves of this plant give tea a refreshing taste. Which plant's flowers do you see in the photo?


11. The fruit of this tree has a bright orange color. It may sometimes be called "wild date" or "date plum". Its Latin name translates to "food of the gods" or "divine fire".


12. Another name for this plant is Cypress narrowleaf. It can be found in fields and meadows throughout the Northern Hemisphere.


13. Another name for this tree-like subtropical plant in the Legume family is Wisteria. It is a ...


14. This beautifully flowering plant was named after a French Navy intendant. It can be found both on the windowsill in the apartment and decorating the flower bed.


15. Milk from the nuts of the plant whose flowers you see in this photo is one of the traditional substitutes for cow's milk. This is how the blossoms - ...


16. This magnificent flower can bloom right in your apartment if the unsightly appearance of the plant itself doesn't stop you.

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