Quiz: 20 Art Trivia Questions

Quiz: 20 Art Trivia Questions
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The 20 art trivia questions we've prepared for you in this interesting quiz are a great warm-up for your memory or a knowledge extender if any of them you don't know the answer to. Test yourself!

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1. Which artist painted the famous Sistine Madonna?


2. A work dedicated to the muses is ...


3. How is an operetta different from an opera?

Not only do operettas have singing, they also have dancing.

4. In what century did Vincent van Gogh live?

In the 19th century

5. Which famous opera singer sang the aria Nessun Dorma at the 1990 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony?

Luciano Pavarotti

6. How is the Spanish word "cuadrilla" translated, from which the name of the quadrille dance was formed?

"A group of four"

7. What is the main visual element in Impressionist paintings?


8. Which musical instrument appears most often in Picasso's paintings?


9. Venus figurine most often ...

obese or pregnant

10. What famous artist cut off part of his ear?

Vincent Van Gogh

11. What is the most common color of a conductor's wand?


12. Art Deco and Art Nouveau are styles of ...

all answers are correct

13. Which current in art emerged first: surrealism or impressionism?


14. Vitruvius' triad, which captures the meaning of architecture well, is ...

Durability, Utility, Beauty

15. Who is Vitruvius?

Ancient Roman architect

16. In the paintings of Edgar Degas can often be seen ...


17. Which is the primary color?


18. The name of which ornamental stone is derived from Pers. فیروزه‎ "stone of happiness," or Pers. پیروز‎ "victorious"?


19. What genre of artists were Baptiste Debureaux, Marcel Marceau, Boris Amarantov, Leonid Engibarov, and Anatoly Yelizarov?


20. Was Salvador Dali a sculptor?