Birds Quiz: questions and answers

Birds Quiz: questions and answers
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Do you know that not every bird can fly? And what do you know about the extinct birds which were the ancestors of the birds we can see today? Our quiz will help you to check your knowledge about these creatures.

Birds quiz consists of questions related to the topic. Good luck!

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1. Which bird's feathers change its color because of beta-carotene they obtain from daily food?


2. Which bird can fly without making any sound?

An owl

3. Which of the following birds can not fly?

A penguin

4. Which bird has no wings?

A kiwi

5. Which of the following birds can repeat human speech?


6. What was the habitat area of aepyornis birds?


7. How long can Emperor penguin do without food during the breeding?

9 weeks

8. Which bird is synanthropic?

A gull

9. Which bird can fly backward?

Humming bird

10. Which nocturnal bird doesn't build nests?

European nightjar