Amsterdam Quiz: questions and answers

Amsterdam Quiz: questions and answers
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Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's old channels and historical buildings attract many tourists to visit the city every year.

Amsterdam quiz includes 10 interesting questions and answers about this amazing city of love and freedom.

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1. Where is Amsterdam located?

The Netherlands

2. What is depicted on a flag of Amsterdam?

Three stripes and three crosses

3. Which river flows through Amsterdam?


4. When was Amsterdam granted city rights?

In 12th century

5. Which of the following buildings is the oldest in Amsterdam?

Oude Kerk

6. What is the biggest park in Amsterdam?


7. How many museums are situated at Museumplein?


8. Which monument is there on a Rembrandtplein?

Figures from "The Night Watch"

9. What is Amsterdam famous for?

Its historic canals

10. Museum of which famous Dutch painter is located in Amsterdam?

Vincent Van Gogh