Buddhism Quiz: questions and answers

Buddhism Quiz: questions and answers
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Buddhism is one of the three major religions. It originated in Ancient India of the basis of Buddha's teachings. What do you know about ts traditions and beliefs?

Buddhism quiz includes some interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge.

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1. What are people that practice Buddhism called?


2. Where did Buddhism originate from?


3. Buddhism is attributed to the teaching of:


4. What is the real name of "Buddha"?

Siddhartha Gautama

5. Where was Buddha born?


6. At what age did Buddha die?


7. Where did Buddha die?


8. The first Buddhist canonical texts were written down at about 400 years after the death of Buddha in which city?

Sri Lanka

9. What does "Pali Tipitaka" mean?

Three Baskets

10. What is the meaning of "Dukkha"?