Dead Sea Quiz: questions and answers

Dead Sea Quiz: questions and answers
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The Dead Sea is the saltiest sea in the world that is located on the territory of Israel. It is famous for the healing properties of its waters.

Dead Sea quiz contains questions and multiple choice answers about this water body.

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1. Which country borders the Dead Sea to the east?


2. What is the elevation of the Dead Sea's surface?

430.5 meters below sea level

3. What is the salinity of the Dead Sea?

342 g/kg

4. What is the average depth of the Dead Sea?

199 meters

5. What is the water volume of the Dead Sea?

114 cubic kilometers

6. The Dead Sea is an endorheic lake, what does it mean?

The Dead sea is a lake where no water flows out

7. Where does the Dead Sea stand in the list of bodies of water by salinity?


8. Why is the Dead Sea called "dead"?

Because its high salinity prevents macroscopic organisms from living in it

9. How much of the Dead Sea's water level is dropping each year?

1 meter

10. How much do Israeli companies generate annually from the sale of Dead Sea minerals?

US$ 3 billion