Quiz: Guess a Garden Flower From a Photo

Quiz: Guess a Garden Flower From a Photo
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Flowers are a popular topic on our portal. That's why so many of our quizzes, crosswords and puzzles are devoted to them. And a special interest enjoy quizzes, where we offer you to know the flower from the photo.

The quiz "Guess a Garden Flower From a Photo", which we bring to your attention today is one of them. We have provided each question with a bright picture and a little hint. Try to answer each question correctly!

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1. Another name of this magnificent garden flower in the Iris family is the spadix.


2. This spring flower, is one of the most famous members of the Amaryllis family.


3. The name of this beautifully flowering plant comes from the Greek word for "pearl."


4. This plant was actively used in traditional medicine for wounds and infections before the advent of antibiotics.


5. The dried stigmas of this flower have long been used as a spice. In this case, its familiar name is saffron.


6. This garden flower gets its name from the ancient Greek goddess of vengeance.


7. The name of this vibrant flower comes from the name of a Spartan prince. According to legend, Apollo was in love with him, who accidentally killed his lover during a game of discus throwing. From the spilled blood came this flower.


8. This magnificent plant is native to South America. Therefore, its other names are the Peruvian lily and the Inca lily.


9. These flowers get their bright bicolor color from the combination of opened and unopened buds.


10. This vibrant succulent is native to Africa. Some species are still used by indigenous people for ritual purposes.


11. The name of this flower comes from the Latin word for "frog." And its field relative is the skoroman yellow buttercup.


12. These garden flowers in one of the very famous romances "have long since bloomed."


13. The name of this garden flower is of Greek origin and means "split bract ends."


14. In this photo you see a beautiful scarlet rhododendron, and its other name ...


15. This flowering medicinal plant is so popular in medicine that it is grown in industrial plantations.


16. This flower in nature grows even in the Arctic. Its other name is Windswept.


17. This pretty flower is popularly called a sponger for its interesting shape. Its other name is ...


18. The fruit of this flowering garden plant looks like a Chinese lantern.


19. This is a very fragrant flower that often grows not only in gardens but also on city balconies.


20. This pretty flower is affectionately known as the cat's paw. Its other name is - cat's paw.