Roman Republic Quiz: questions and answers

Roman Republic Quiz: questions and answers
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1. What was the capital of the Roman Republic?


2. Who was the Republic's greatest enemy?


3. Who was the last Roman king?

Lucius Tarquinius Superbus

4. In which war did Rome defeat a coalition of Latins at the battles of Vesuvius and the Trifanum?

Latin War

5. When did the Roman Republic start?

509 BC

6. Who won the First Punic War?


7. Who were the belligerents in the Battle of Pydna?

Roman Republic and Macedon

8. Where did the First Servile War take place?


9. Why did the Social War start?

Because the Romans did not want to afford the Roman citizenship to the Picentes

10. When did the Second Mithridatic War happen?

83-81 BC