The Cure Quiz: questions and answers

The Cure Quiz: questions and answers
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The Cure is a rock band from Great Britain which was formed at the period of post-punk and new wave popularity. Their dark and moody melodies put the basic of gothic rock music.

The Cure quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about the band.

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1. Where is the band from?

Crawley, England

2. Who is the lead singer of The Cure?

Robert Smith

3. When was the band formed?


4. What was the debut album of The Cure?

Three Imaginary Boys

5. When was the first album released?


6. Where the founding members first met?

At school

7. What is the name of the album released in 2008?

4:13 Dream

8. Which genre is The Cure's music usually referred to?

Gothic rock

9. What was the first band single and when it was released?

Killing an Arab, 1978

10. Does the band exist nowadays?