William McKinley Quiz: questions and answers

William McKinley Quiz: questions and answers
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William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States. He was the last President who took part in the Civil war and the first President of the XX century.

William McKinley quiz contains several questions and multiple choice answers about this politician's biography.

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1. Who was William McKinley?

A politician

2. Where was William McKinley born?


3. Who was the successor of William McKinley?

Theodore Roosevelt

4. William McKinley was Governor of which state?


5. How did William McKinley die?

He was assasinated

6. William McKinley was the last _____

President to have served the American Civil War

7. How many times was William McKinley president of the United States?


8. William McKinley was president during which historical event?

Cuban crisis and war with Spain

9. William McKinley was also the last ______


10. Where did William McKinley die?

New York