Weapons of World War I Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Weapons of World War I Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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During World War I, the arms industry grew rapidly, allowing the world to see new weapons.

The Weapons of World War I Quiz will test your knowledge. Its questions are designed for an intermediate level: those who have a good grasp of the topic will cope with them easily. Test yourself!

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1. The Maxim machine gun was developed in 1883 ...

by an American-born British gunsmith

2. Select the caliber of the Fedorov assault rifle from the list.

6.5 mm

3. The flechette, a metal dart arrow, is a type of aerial weapon developed in the early 20th century. It was used in World War I battles against infantry and cavalry. What size was it?

About the size of a pencil

4. The first lethal use of chemical weapons took place on April 22, 1915, during World War I. Which country used it?


5. The Kettering Bug, also known as the Liberty Eagle, is a ...

experimental unmanned aerial torpedo.

6. Towarnicki's walking flamethrower was used in World War I by the ...

Russian army

7. The Paris Gun was a super long-barreled, long-barreled gun on a swivel carriage that Germany used to shell Paris in 1918. Its other name is ...

Both answers are correct

8. The German "Big Bertha" is a ....


9. Which of the following is an anti-tank weapon?

Mauser T-gewehr.

10. To which weapon is the checker closer in structure and use?

To the knife

11. The Glisenti Model 1910 was in service with the Italian army in World War I? It is ...

semi-automatic pistol

12. The Russian name for the Limonka grenade came about during the First World War. Why was it so named?

It was named after its designer.

13. How many rounds does the drum of a Nagan revolver hold?


14. What was a disadvantage of the Luger pistol (Parabellum)?

It was difficult and expensive to manufacture.

15. What breed of dog, was the name of a pocket revolver widely used in the late 19th and first half of the 20th century?


16. The Kleif was a small backpack flamethrower in service with the German army during World War I. What flammable liquid was used in it?

Liquefied gas

17. A serial bomber of the Russian Empire was named after which Russian bogatyr?

Ilya Muromets

18. A colorless gas with a faint odor of stale hay, which was used in World War I as a chemical warfare agent.