Nestlé Quiz: questions and answers

Nestlé Quiz: questions and answers
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1. Where is the headquarters of Nestle located?

2. When did Nestle begin producing chocolate?

3. In which year was World's Cocoa Foundation formed by Nestle and other companies?

4. What does "nestlé" mean in German?

5. Nestle's Maggi was banned in 2015 in India because of which two chemical components beyond the permissible limits?

6. In which year was Nestlé founded?

7. Which British goods company did Nestlé acquire in 1960?

8. In 1888, Nestle introduced which powder to the market that has been a trademark since then?

9. What was Nestlé a synonym with before chocolates?

10. Where is Nestlé Toll House Café originally from?