Quiz: 8 Interesting Facts about Greece

Quiz: 8 Interesting Facts about Greece
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Greece is a state in southern Europe and part of Asia. Its population as of 2017 was 10.8 million people and its land area was 131,957 km². It is a country with a rich history and very interesting traditions.

The Quiz: 8 Interesting Facts about Greece contains 8 multiple choice trivia questions with answers, in each of which you will find an interesting fact about this country. Test your knowledge and try to answer each of them correctly.

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1. What is Greece's world production of olive oil?


2. How many islands does Greece own?

Over 1400

3. How many Greek islands are inhabited?


4. Which Greek island is the largest?


5. What can be said about the Greek landscape?

80% of the country is made up of mountains and plateaus

6. What religion is practiced by about 97% of the population of Greece?


7. What percentage of the population, of the total population, lives in Athens?

Over 40%

8. How many sunny days a year in Greece?

Over 250