Europe Quiz: 16 Trivia Questions with Answers. What Do You Know About This Part of the World?

Europe Quiz: 16 Trivia Questions with Answers. What Do You Know About This Part of the World?
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Europe is part of the vast continent on which our country stretches. Many of us enjoy traveling through it, learning new countries and cities. We like to get acquainted with national traditions, try unusual dishes and visit interesting sights. Some of this should stay in our memory for a long time.

The Europe Quiz "What do you know about this part of the world?" will test your knowledge about this part of the world. Can you answer each of his questions quickly and correctly, without using hints from the Internet? Test your knowledge! 

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1. The largest island in Europe by area is ...

2. What is the area of Europe?

3. Which sea separates Europe from Africa?

4. Which mountain peak is the highest absolute altitude in Europe?

5. What percentage of the world's population were inhabitants of Europe as of 2010?

6. Europe's longest river is ...

7. Which ocean washes Europe in the west?

8. Who was Europa in ancient Greek mythology?

9. How many times the area of Europe is smaller than the area of Asia?

10. How much of Turkey's territory is located in Europe?

11. How many countries does the European Union combine for 2021?

12. Which two Norwegian cities claim to be the most server cities in Europe?

13. Which European city was called the Protestant Rome?

14. Which European city formerly bore the name Lutetia?

15. Which European country is divided into 26 cantons?

16. How many peaks of the eight-thousanders in Europe?