Quiz for Art Connoisseurs: Paintings by Renaissance Artists

Quiz for Art Connoisseurs: Paintings by Renaissance Artists
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The Renaissance is an era in the history of art and culture in Europe that gave the world many outstanding works of painting. Among them are the works of such great masters as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael Santi, Sandro Botticelli, Titian, Caravaggio, Jan van Eyck and many others.

The Quiz for Art Connoisseurs: Paintings by Renaissance Artists, which we've prepared for you today, consists of 20 multiple choice trivia questions with answers about famous paintings from this period. Try answering each one!

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1. What is the name of Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting of Jesus with the twelve disciples during a meal?

The Last Supper

2. This painting by Botticelli depicts Mary holding her son Jesus on her lap and turning the pages of a book against the background of an open window with a clear view of the sky. What is the name of this painting?

Madonna of the Book

3. What is the name of the Renaissance painting depicting three girls symbolizing Innocence, Beauty, and Love, with golden orbs in their hands?

Three Graces

4. What is the name of the painting by the artist Giorgione that shows a sleeping naked girl against a background of nature, with her head resting against a hill and small houses visible in the background?

Sleeping Venus

5. The painting shows a Madonna holding an infant, on either side of the female figure are a bishop and St. Barbara, and at the bottom of the painting are two angels. What is the title of the painting?

Sistine Madonna

6. What is the name of the famous fresco of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel that depicts God extending his hand toward Adam.

The Creation of Adam.

7. The foreground of the painting depicts a naked young woman lying in the luxurious interiors of a palace, holding flowers in her right hand, her gaze directed directly at the viewer, in the background there are two maids who are choosing an outfit for her.

Venus of Urbino

8. Famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci depicting the Madonna and child in a dark room. The Madonna is smiling and holding out a flower to her son. The only source of light is a small window in the background. What is the name of this painting?

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9. A Renaissance painting depicting young men playing music and two nude female figures against a peaceful, beautiful landscape. What is the title of the painting?

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10. The painting depicts a mythological subject. In the center is a young man, who symbolizes a god, riding up in a chariot with two cheetahs, surrounded by accompanying figures. He speaks to the girl, frightened by his sudden appearance.

Bacchus and Ariadne

11. A large-scale fresco by Michelangelo that depicts the second coming of Christ and the apocalypse.

Last Judgment

12. The painting depicts two female figures against a spring: a richly dressed Venetian and a nude Venus holding a bowl of fire. What is the name of the painting?

Sacred and Profane Love

13. What is the title of the painting by Italian artist Andrea Mantegna that shows Jesus Christ lying in the center, with the Virgin Mary and the Apostle John mourning him on the left?

Lamentation of Christ

14. Guess the painting from the description: the center of the canvas shows a nude Venus floating in a shell sash, on the left the deity, who represents the wind, blows on the shell, on the right the goddess is greeted by grace on the shore.

The Birth of Venus

15. What is the name of the painting by the artist Correggio showing the newborn Jesus in a stable, a shepherd and servants, with angels with entwined bodies hovering over them in a ray of light?

Adoration of the Shepherds

16. Mythological picture in which Zeus brings his son Hercules to the breast of the goddess Hera so that he may gain immortality.

The Origin of the Milky Way

17. A painting with a mythological theme, depicting episodes from the poem by Ovid. In the painting we can see the gods Jupiter, Poseidon, Hermes, the goddesses Cybele and Ceres, the young Bacchus. What is the title of the painting?

The Feast of the Gods

18. The painting depicts a winter landscape with a view from above, with hunters with dogs near tall trees on a hill in the lower left corner, and a valley with a frozen pond, cabins, and a windmill visible below. What is the name of the picture?

The Hunters in the Snow

19. A painting by Andrea Verocchio showing Jesus Christ in the Jordan River, John the Baptist, and two angels kneeling.

The Baptism of Christ

20. A painting by Hans Holbein the Younger in which we see two richly dressed men in front of a high table on which are placed books, a globe, a musical instrument, and other objects. What is the name of the painting?

The Ambassadors