Art Quiz: 20 Multiple Choice Trivia Questions about Impressionist Painters and Their Paintings

Art Quiz: 20 Multiple Choice Trivia Questions about Impressionist Painters and Their Paintings
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Impressionism is one of the most striking art movements of the 19th century. It originated among the Parisian artists, who rose to prominence in the 1870s and 1880s. It is characterized by relatively fine, thin but noticeable brush strokes, open composition, the emphasis on the accurate portrayal of light in its changing qualities.

The Art Quiz "AImpressionist Painters and Their Great Paintings" which we bring to your attention today, consists of 20 questions. Test your knowledge!

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1. During what period of his life did Vincent van Gogh paint his most famous painting "Starry Night"?

2. Edouard Manet, who is considered one of the founders of Impressionism, if he had listened to his father, would never have become an artist. What did his father see the future painter as?

3. What did Claude Monet depict in his paintings, calling them reflective landscapes?

4. In which genre did Pierre Auguste Renoir, one of the brightest representatives of Impressionism, paint most of his works?

5. In which museum is the painting Flooding at Port-Marly by Alfred Sisley on display?

6. Which impressionist painter is the author of the famous painting with the ballerinas, Blue Dancers?

7. What colors dominate Paul Cézanne's painting The Bathers (French: Les Grandes Baigneuses)?

8. What title did Edouard Manet originally give to his painting The Luncheon on the Grass (French: Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe)?

9. This artist painted cabaret posters, his models were often Moulin Rouge dancers, clowns, singers, and poets. Which artist are we talking about?

10. What is depicted in Henri Matisse's painting The Joy of Life (French: Le bonheur de vivre)?

11. Which of these paintings by Camille Pissarro is on display at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris?

12. Which artist painted his famous self-portrait with a bandaged ear?

13. How did Pierre Auguste Renoir begin his artistic career?

14. French painter who was part of the Paris Impressionist circle, most often depicted women and children in her paintings.

15. What is depicted in Russian impressionist Alexander Gerasimov's painting After the Rain?

16. This painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir was the subject of Alain Gaubert's film Beautiful Sundays (French: Les Beaux Dimanches d'été) from the documentary series Palettes.

17. Igor Grabar's painting March Snow, which characters are depicted in the background of a snowy landscape?

18. Claude Monet often experimented and depicted the same landscape dozens of times at different times of day and seasons to show all the changes. What is depicted in his series of identical paintings?

19. What did Camille Pissarro do for a living at a time when his work was not yet recognized?

20. Impressionist painter who proposed a new artistic method of transmitting shades, called pointillism.