Steven Spielberg Quiz: questions and answers

Steven Spielberg Quiz: questions and answers
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Do you want to check your knowledge of Steven Spielberg’s life and career?

Steven Spielberg quiz has 10 entertaining and interesting questions about this great Hollywood filmmaker.

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1. Where was Steven Spielberg born?

The United States

2. How many times has Spielberg won the academy awards?


3. What was one of the high-grossing films produced by Spielberg between 1982 and 1985?


4. When did Spielberg release "The Color Purple"?


5. Which movie made Spielberg win his first Academy Award for Best Director in 1993?

"Schindler’s list"

6. What was the first American shot in Shanghai made by Spielberg?

"Empire of the Sun"

7. What was the first Spielberg film that was not released by DreamWorks since 1997?

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal"

8. Which studio has Spielberg founded with his partners?


9. How many children does Spielberg have?


10. When was Spielberg awarded an Honorary Doctor of Arts by Harvard University?

May 26, 2016