Woody Allen Quiz: questions and answers

Woody Allen Quiz: questions and answers
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Woody Allen is a famous American filmmaker and producer whose movies are filled with romantic sadness. 

Woody Allen quiz consists of ten questions and multiple choice answers about his biography.

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1. What is Woody Allen's birth name?

2. Where is Woody Allen from?

3. When was Allen born?

4. Where does Woody Allen stand in the Comedy Central list of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians?

5. How many Academy Awards has Woody Allen won?

6. Which movie did Woody Allen win an Academy Award for Best Director for?

7. Who is the wife of Woody Allen?

8. What was Woody Allen's debut movie?

9. In which of the following categories has Woody Allen won three Academy Awards?

10. What was Allen's first film with the DreamWorks studio?