Art Quiz: 19th Century Artists and Their Famous Works

Art Quiz: 19th Century Artists and Their Famous Works
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Creativity is a universal tool for reproducing, preserving and fixing ideas, feelings, the momentary moment and the world around us. And art fosters in us a love of beauty, shapes taste, style and harmony. And the works of 19th-century artists make a tangible contribution to this process.

The Art Quiz "19th Century Artists and Their Famous Works" is 20 questions for connoisseurs of painting. Dive into this magnificent world and remember those who lived and worked during this era.

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1. What nationality was the great seascape painter, collector and philanthropist Ivan Aivazovsky?

2. What was the basis for Aivazovsky's paintings "Food Distribution" and "Relief Ship"?

3. Who was the female model depicted in Edouard Manet's painting The Luncheon on the Grass?

4. Where did Edouard Manet go to study instead of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris for fear of a rigid program?

5. Who painted the landscape "Above The Eternal Peace" in 1894, which today can be seen in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow?

6. What is Vladimirka, depicted in a painting of the same name by Isaac Levitan?

7. In what style did Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin, a French painter, ceramic sculptor, and graphic artist, paint his pictures?

8. With what was Pavel Fedotov's first painting of a poor official bragging about his first order?

9. What in Orest Kiprensky's portrait of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin gives away the poet's connection to Byron?

10. Where was Paul Cézanne's famous work "House on the Marne" created?

11. Which of these paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, painted in 1890, is one of the highest priced according to the auction bidding list?

12. By what other name is the Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch known as Melancholy?

13. What is depicted in the painting The Apotheosis of War by the Russian painter and writer Vasily Vereshchagin?

14. Which of these masters participated in the painting of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg?

15. How long did Vera Mamontova pose for Valentin Serov while painting Girl with Peaches?