Quiz: Do You Know the Full Names of Countries?

Quiz: Do You Know the Full Names of Countries?
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Talking about countries, we usually call them briefly - Russia, China, Uruguay, etc. But in addition to these colloquial abbreviations, many countries have full names of two or more words. Do you know them?

The Quiz "Do You Know the Full Names of Countries?", which we have prepared for you today, contains data current as of March 2022. It consists of 20 simple questions. We'll give you the short name, you give us the full name. Shall we begin?

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1. Micronesia

2. Nepal

3. Tanzania

4. Finland

5. Samoa

6. Venezuela

7. Algeria

8. Brunei

9. Sri Lanka

10. Uruguay

11. UK

12. Cuba

13. Mexico

14. Russia

15. Solomon Islands

16. Ethiopia

17. Switzerland

18. Vietnam

19. Monaco