Mint Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

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Mint Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Mint is one of the most popular herbs in folk medicine. It calms the nerves and helps to relax.

The Mint Quiz, which awaits you on this page, consists of 10 interesting trivia questions with answers. Test your knowledge!

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1. Which plant family does mint belong to?

2. This herb gets its name from ...

3. In ancient Greece, mint was rubbed into their hands in the belief that it would make them ...

4. Mint is known in Greek mythology as an herb of ...

5. Can mint be grown from seed?

6. Which two wild species of mint is a hybrid of?

7. What is the name of a cocktail based on light rum and mint leaves?

8. Mint is one of the most popular medicinal herbs. The smell of peppermint ...

9. Is peppermint a strong allergen?

10. Is peppermint considered an effective aphrodisiac?