Abraham Maslow Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions with Answers

Abraham Maslow Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions with Answers
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Abraham Maslow was a famous American psychologist who made a tangible contribution to the development of the science of human consciousness.

The Abraham Maslow Quiz consists of 10 interesting trivia questions of varying difficulty, each of which we offer you three possible answers. Try to answer each of them correctly. Test your general knowledge of this famous American psychologist.

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1. In what country was Abraham Maslow born?

2. Abraham Maslow is considered the founder of which branch of psychology?

3. In the early 1940s of the 20th century, American psychologist Abraham Maslow was a proponent of the behaviorist approach. Whose work in this field did he admire?

4. In 1937 Abraham Maslow accepted an offer to become a professor at the college where he worked for 14 years. Which institution is the one in question?

5. In which city is the University of Wisconsin where Maslow studied?

6. What did Maslow become at the University of Wisconsin in 1934?

7. At which institution did Maslow begin working in 1934?

8. Abraham Maslow was active in the study of self-actualizing individuals. What does the term "self-actualization" mean?

9. What is the shape of the model that embodies Abraham Maslow's ideas about the hierarchy of needs theory?

10. Name the top rung of human needs in Maslow's hierarchical model.