Animal Trivia Game

Animal Trivia Game
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What do you know about animals? Which of them is the tallest? Who lives on land and who lives in water? If you like answering interesting questions, we have an interesting activity for you.

Animal Trivia Game is a good way to test your knowledge and have a great time. Try to answer each of the questions correctly. Good luck!

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1. Which animal lives only in China?

2. Which forest animal has cubs in winter?

3. Does the polar bear hunt penguins?

4. Which giraffe's legs are longer, the front or the back?

5. What butterfly harms people by ruining their clothes?

6. Which of these birds cannot fly?

7. Which bird has the largest wingspan?

8. What science studies fossils?

9. This animal is born in water, but lives on land.

10. What kind of animal is a seahorse?

11. Which of these animals is not an insect?

12. A dinosaur is a ...

13. Which of these dinosaurs was a predator?

14. Which body part helps the grasshopper to chirp?

15. Which country's coat of arms features a white-headed eagle?

16. Why do rabbits always chew something?

17. Which animal's skin should always be moist?

18. What does a moose lose every winter?

19. The tallest animal on Earth is ...

20. What is the animal that can be called the most famous dam builder?