Art Quiz: What Do You Know About Russian Artists?

Art Quiz: What Do You Know About Russian Artists?
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The paintings of Russian artists are the wealth of the entire world culture. Painted in different genres, styles and trends, today these paintings have become real gems of both Russian and foreign museums. When looking at the masterpieces created by Russian masters of painting, you can't help but marvel at the accuracy of the images created, the variety of techniques, and the depth of conveying the mood.

The Art Quiz "What Do You Know About Russian Artists?" consists of 20 interesting questions that will test your knowledge on this topic. We wish you good luck and correct answers!

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1. Which Russian artist embodied in his art fantastic and fabulous images, becoming the founder of a special "neo-Russian style"?

2. The origin of the outstanding painter Ivan Aivazovsky belongs to ...

3. Which painting, known to be the work of Vasily Shishkin, was created by two artists?

4. In which genre of painting did artists Ilya Repin and Vasily Surikov paint their canvases?

5. Who is the author of the icon of the Savior Not Made by hands, dated 1658?

6. For which painting, because of its enormous size, a separate room was built in the Tretyakov Gallery?

7. What is the name of Vasily Vereshchagin's painting, which originally had the title "The Triumph of Tamerlane"?

8. In which modern state was Isaac Levitan, Russian painter, master of "mood landscape", born?

9. Where did the artist Vasily Pukirev get the subject for his painting "An Unequal Marriage"?

10. It is known that Kazimir Malevich performed several author's repetitions of his most discussed painting "Black Square". And in what museum today is the first original painting from 1915?

11. Which Soviet artist is the author of the painting "Letter from the Front," later awarded the Stalin Prize?

12. Which painting by Isaak Levitan was described by writer and publicist Vasily Mikheev as "a symphony, strange at first sight, but subtly enveloping the soul, if you only trust in its impression"?

13. Which Russian emperor's portrait was painted by Alexei Antropov, a brilliant exponent of the baroque style?

14. What or who is depicted in Soviet artist Tatyana Yablonskaya's painting "Morning"?

15. In what genre did Valentin Serov paint his portrait of the dancer Ida Rubinstein?

16. Which Soviet and Russian painter created a series of works based on the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky?

17. What was the name of the Expressionist group founded by painter Vasily Kandinsky?

18. What century is the heyday of the work of the great Russian icon painter Andrei Rublev?

19. Which outstanding master of landscape managed to enter the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts only at the third attempt?

20. Which provincial museum houses the painting "Beggar Woman" by Ilya Repin, recognized by art historians around the world as the best work of the young artist?