Australian Literature Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Australian Literature Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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The history of Australian literature goes back more than 200 years. Australia's first literary monuments were the memoirs and travel notes of John White, Watkin Tench and David Collins, who were officers of the first convoy of ships that founded the convict colony of Sydney in 1788. 

The Australian Literature Quiz, which you can take on this page of our website, consists of 10 trivia questions with answers. Test your knowledge!

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1. How many sisters did Meghann Cleary have in Colleen McCullough's novel The Thorn Birds?

2. Who is the author of the short story collections While the Billy Boils and On the Track?

3. To which Australian poet are the lines below?
To her who, cast with me in trying days,
Stood in the place of health and power and praise;

4. Where does the novel The Book Thief by Australian author Markus Zusak take place?

5. Recall the plot of Thomas Kenilly's novel Schindler's Ark . What did Nazi party member Oskar Schindler do?

6. What is the name of Patrick White's novel that tells the story of Theodora Goodman, a middle-aged single woman who travels to France and then to America after her mother dies?

7. Who is the main character in Gregory David Roberts' novel Chantaram?

8. Australian writer and authoress of novels for children. Three-time winner of Australia's prestigious Aurealis Award.

9. What is the name of Alan Marshall's fairy tale tale that tells of a young boy, Peter, who goes in search of the last Fair Princess?

10. Based on which of his works did Richard Flanagan direct the film of the same name in 1998?