Big Australia Quiz: 100 Trivia Questions and Answers

Big Australia Quiz: 100 Trivia Questions and Answers
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1. What is the highest mountain in Australia?

2. Which famous landmark in Australia is a large sandstone rock formation in the Northern Territory?

3. Most people in Australia live ...

4. Which ocean borders the western coast of Australia?

5. Which animal is featured on the Australian national emblem?

6. What is the largest state in Australia by area?

7. What is the name of the Australian bird that is known for its distinctive laugh?

8. Which Australian city hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics?

9. What is the capital city of Australia?

10. What is the name of the unique animal found only in Australia that lays eggs and has a duck-like bill?

11. In what year did Captain James Cook claim the eastern coast of Australia for Britain?

12. What is the name of the tropical cyclone that hit northern Australia in 2011, causing widespread damage and flooding?

13. Which Australian state is known for its wine regions, including the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale?

14. Who was the first female prime minister of Australia?

15. What is the name of the famous trekking trail in Tasmania that is over 65 km long and takes around 6 days to complete?

16. Which historical event saw a group of convicts, led by William Bligh, take control of the HMS Bounty and sail to Tahiti in 1789?

17. Which Australian author wrote the popular children's book "The Magic Pudding"?

18. Which sport is Australia's national summer sport, played on a circular field with a ball and wickets?

19. Which Australian tennis player won the most Grand Slam singles titles in history, with a total of 20 titles?

20. What is the name of the world's largest coral reef system, located off the coast of Australia?

21. Which Australian musician is known for his hit songs "Somebody That I Used to Know" and "Heart's a Mess"?

22. Which Australian actor starred in the movie "The Crocodile Dundee"?

23. Who was the Australian astronomer who discovered the existence of dark matter in the universe?

24. What is the name of the famous long-distance train journey in Australia that runs from Sydney to Perth?

25. Which Australian artist is known for his series of large-scale abstract paintings inspired by the Australian landscape and the natural environment?

26. What is the name of the tropical island located off the coast of Queensland, known for its beautiful beaches and as a popular holiday destination?

27. Which Australian state is home to the famous landmark, the Twelve Apostles?

28. Which animal is only found in Australia and is known for its tough, spiny coat?

29. Which Australian museum is a natural history museum and research institution with a collection of over 18 million specimens?

30. What is the name of the longest river in Australia?

31. Which Australian city is known for its beautiful harbor and iconic Opera House?

32. Which famous scenic drive can be found in Victoria, stretching over 240 km along the south-eastern coast?

33. What is the name of the Australian currency?

34. Which natural disaster is characterized by sudden and violent shaking of the ground, and is relatively rare in Australia?

35. Which national park in Tasmania is home to the tallest flowering trees in the world, the eucalyptus regnans?

36. Australia's largest lake is the ...

37. Which Australian state is known for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather?

38. Are there entrance exams at Australian universities?

39. Which Australian author wrote the novel "Picnic at Hanging Rock"?

40. The largest city in Australia by population is ...

41. This Australian city is known for its street art and alleyways.

42. Which museum in Sydney houses a large collection of Australian art?

43. Which 1986 Australian film is about a talented dancer who defies tradition to pursue his dreams of ballroom dancing?

44. Which Australian film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2017?

45. Which holiday in Australia is celebrated on the second Monday in June in most states and territories?

46. Australia is ...

47. Which Australian city is home to the busiest airport in the country, handling over 40 million passengers annually?

48. What is the largest sand island in the world, located off the coast of Queensland, Australia?

49. Which Australian band is known for their hit song "Down Under"?

50. Who was the Australian physicist who discovered the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance, leading to the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)?

51. On which day is Australia Day celebrated?

52. Which sport, also known as "footy", is Australia's national winter sport and involves kicking an oval-shaped ball through goals?

53. Which holiday in Australia is also known as the "Festival of Lights"?

54. Which iconic landmark in Melbourne is a large steel arch bridge that spans over the Yarra River?

55. What is the name of the famous Aboriginal Australian athlete who won the gold medal in the men's 400m at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City?

56. The famous Australian spread made from yeast extract is ...

57. What is the name of the famous Aboriginal Australian singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015?

58. Which tree is native to the rainforests of northern Queensland and has large, fan-shaped leaves?

59. Which city is the capital of Western Australia?

60. Which famous rock formation is located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales?

61. Which small town in Tasmania is famous for its lavender fields and annual Lavender Festival?

62. Which Australian city is home to the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)?

63. What was the name of the policy that aimed to assimilate Aboriginal children into white Australian culture, which was implemented from 1905 to 1969?

64. Which Queensland city is the capital of the state?

65. Who was the prime minister of Australia during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games?

66. Which skyscraper in Perth was the tallest building in the city for over two decades before being surpassed by Central Park?

67. Which Australian singer and actress is known for her role in the movie musical "Moulin Rouge!"?

68. Which natural disaster is common in Australia and is characterized by long periods of hot weather, low humidity, and high winds?

69. Which Australian city is known for its extensive tram network, which has been in operation since 1885?

70. Which Australian artist is known for her intricate dot paintings depicting Dreamtime stories?

71. Which city is the capital of South Australia?

72. Which Australian museum is dedicated to showcasing the history, culture and achievements of Australian people?

73. What is the name of the ocean current that flows along the eastern coast of Australia, influencing its climate and weather patterns?

74. What is the name of the traditional Australian bush food that is made from the ground seeds of the acacia tree?

75. Which city is the capital of the state of Victoria?

76. What is the name of the national park located in Victoria, known for its towering rock formations and hiking trails?

77. Which sea is located between Australia and New Guinea?

78. In which hemisphere is Australia located?

79. Which Australian prime minister went to the beach in 1967 and never came back?

80. Which city has a larger population: Sydney or Paris?

81. Which building is considered the tallest in Australia?

82. What is the official religion in Australia?

83. What line begins the Australian anthem?

84. Which country, along with Australia, celebrates Anzac Day?

85. How many rays does the big white star on the Australian flag have? It is located under the flag of Britain.

86. Select the motto of the state of New South Wales.

87. Which holiday in Australia commemorates the landing of the First Fleet in 1788?

88. What is the name of the Aboriginal Australian language that is spoken in the Northern Territory?

89. What is the name of the popular Australian meat pie that is often eaten at sporting events?

90. Who is the famous Australian artist known for his use of vibrant colors and depictions of the Australian outback?

91. What is the most common species of eucalyptus tree found in Australia?

92. Which sea is located to the north of Australia and is known for its vibrant coral reefs?

93. What is the largest species of spider found in Australia?

94. Which city is the capital of New South Wales?

95. Which river forms the border between New South Wales and Victoria?

96. Which large, arid region occupies the majority of Western Australia?

97. Which building is the tallest skyscraper in Western Australia?

98. What is the traditional dance of Indigenous Australians?

99. Which famous Australian circus was founded in 1977 by the Ashton family?

100. What is the name of the traditional Australian cake made with golden syrup and often served with whipped cream or ice cream?