Birds Quiz for Adults: Trivia Questions and Answers

Birds Quiz for Adults: Trivia Questions and Answers
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1. Which bird gets its coloration by eating small red crayfish?

2. Which bird flies silently?

3. What do storks, flamingos, and other birds with long legs stand on one leg for?

4. Which of the birds in the list is not a flightless bird?

5. Which bird uses a pouch to catch fish?

6. Which bird group does the cockatoo belong to?

7. Which bird does not have wings?

8. Which bird of prey can reach speeds of over 320 km/h while hunting?

9. Which bird is poisonous?

10. What is the name of the bird whose other name is "owl parrot"?

11. Which bird is not an owl?

12. Which bird has the scientific name "camel sparrow"?

13. Which bird broods its chicks in the winter?

14. Which bird can walk underwater?

15. Which bird is called a feathered cat?

16. Which birds can imitate human speech?

17. Which birds can climb a tree trunk head down?