Claude Monet Quiz: Trivia Questions and Ansers

Claude Monet Quiz: Trivia Questions and Ansers
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Claude Monet was a great French painter who gave his name to one of the most famous trends in painting. Can you remember what it is called?

The Claude Monet Quiz is a great way to test your knowledge. It consists of 10 interesting questions of varying difficulty. Try to answer each one correctly. Good Luck!

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1. One of the founders of which direction in art was Claude Monet?

2. At the age of fifteen, Monet was known throughout Le Havre as .

3. Which artist persuaded Claude Monet to go beyond caricatures and try to paint things as nature created them?

4. Which portrait made Monet famous?

5. Which painting by Monet's brush gives its name to an entire art movement?

6. Why are Monet's famous lilies painted in a bluish color?

7. What painting of Monet do we see in the movie Titanic?

8. A crater on which planet is named after Monet?

9. At what age did Monet pass away?

10. How many paintings were included in Claude Monet's first series of "Water Lilies"?