Clothing Quiz: 15 Interesting Questions

Clothing Quiz: 15 Interesting Questions
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The Clothing Quiz, which we are offering you to take today, consists of fifteen interesting questions. How many correct answers will you get?

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1. What color is considered traditional for a wedding dress in China, India, and Vietnam?

2. The kilt is a traditional clothing of Scottish men. It is made of woolen fabric with a pattern of checks and stripes. It is ...

3. Lumbersexual is one of the modern styles of clothing. What can it be called?

4. What did the Romans wear over a tunic?

5. According to scientists, when did humans start dressing up?

6. E-textiles are a modern type of textile. What are its special features?

7. The kandi is the traditional garment of the Assyrians and Persians. What about it reflected the fact that the man who wore it was rich?

8. Baggy, bumsters and joggers are types of ...

9. What is a corsage a part of?

10. In what century was it fashionable in Europe to wear dresses with fully exposed breasts?

11. What made the German engineer Charles Fredrik Wiesenthal famous?

12. A famous Bristol legend tells of an incident that occurred in 1885. After a quarrel with her lover, Anne Henley jumped off a bridge and survived the fall from 75 meters. What part of her clothing saved her life?

13. In what country did jeans first appear?

14. What is the name of the outer garment of the South American Indians, a short one-piece cloak made of a rectangular piece of cloth or knitted, worn over the head?

15. In men it weighs an average of twenty-five grams, but in women it weighs only fifteen grams. It is ...