Culinary Quiz: 20 questions with answers. What do they cook in different countries?

Culinary Quiz: 20 questions with answers. What do they cook in different countries?
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Every country is famous for its culinary traditions. And some of them, like Russia, France or China, even have more than one. It all depends on the region you visit, hoping to try something new for yourself.

The culinary quiz "What do they cook in different countries?" is a collection of interesting questions on different national dishes of the world. Test your knowledge!

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1. Sepik is an Estonian traditional dish. What is it?

2. There are a lot of curious legends around the dishes of the national cuisine, which do not always correspond to reality. Which Italian pie, according to legend, has been known since ancient times, when it was prepared on the occasion of the pagan spring f

3. This dish is traditional for Indian and Nepalese cuisine. There are many variations of its preparation, but most often it is based on cooked rice and a thick lentil soup puree. In Nepal, this dish is called dal-bhat. What is it called in India?

4. What is a traditional dish of beans, meat products, and cassava flour (farofa) called in Portuguese-speaking countries?

5. What is the name of the North African dish of meat and vegetables and special ceramic utensils for its preparation?

6. This traditional Iranian dessert comes from Shiraz. It has been known since the 5th century BC and is one of the first known types of ice cream. What is it called?

7. What is the national Scottish dish of lamb giblets, with onions, toloko, lard, seasonings, and salt, boiled in a lamb's stomach?

8. This dish in Germany, Holland and Norway is traditionally made for Christmas. This dessert is made from a mixture of finely ground almonds and sugar syrup or powdered sugar. What is this dessert called?

9. This cheese and egg-filled pie was awarded Intangible Cultural Heritage status in Georgia in 2019. What kind of pie is this?

10. What is the name of the filling dish made of lean poultry, game, pork, veal, and rabbit in French cuisine?

11. The homeland of this dessert of cream, sugar, gelatin, and vanilla is in Piedmont, Italy. What is it called?

12. What is an Italian casserole made of thin sheets of dough, meat, cheese, and sauce called?

13. Some national dishes are notable for their pungent flavor and unusual preparation. Such dishes include Swedish sauerkraut. What is the name of this dish?

14. There are two types of this national Spanish pork ham delicacy: ... serrano and ... Iberico. To prepare them, different breeds of pigs are used and they are fed according to a special diet. What is this dish?

15. What is the name of an everyday wheat noodle dish that is traditional in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine?

16. This Latvian national delicacy is traditionally cooked in August at the annual popular holiday Lamprey Day. What is the name of this dish?

17. This is one of the oldest national Latvian dishes. It is a dish similar to cereal and vegetable porridge, with the obligatory addition of dairy products. Often with the addition of meat and fish. What is it called?

18. Kalakeitto is a Karelian and Finnish national dish. What is it?

19. Many national cuisines have recipes for flat open pies that resemble Italian pizza. What is such a pie called in Alsatian cuisine?

20. Potato dumplings are a popular dish in Central Europe. It is also cooked in Sweden. What do the Swedes call it?