Culinary Quiz for the Curious: 15 Trivia Questions on the Cuisines of the World

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Culinary Quiz for the Curious: 15 Trivia Questions on the Cuisines of the World
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The cuisines of the world are an exceptionally interesting subject to study. And if you add a little more practice to the process, your life can be filled with new colors, and most importantly previously unknown tastes. Once you start such a fascinating business, it's very hard to stop!

The Culinary Quiz for the Curious consists of 15 multiple choice trivia questions with answers on the cuisines of the world. You can call them challenging. If you manage to answer at least half of them correctly then you are really good at this subject. Try yourself!

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1. Which traditional Mexican dish is celebrated in the United States every year on October 4?

2. Which traditional oriental dish is mentioned as a medicine in the writings of the Persian physician Avicenna?

3. The name of this Scandinavian dish means "little pieces in a pan" in Swedish.

4. Tarhonya is ...

5. What percentage of lard is in spinach cooked according to the original recipe?

6. Christmas carp is a traditional dish on the holiday table in ...

7. Eton Mess in English cuisine is a ....

8. What kind of meat is roast beef traditionally made from?

9. Coffee with egg is a drink that, according to legend, appeared during the war when milk was in short supply. The beaten egg proved to be a successful substitute. In which cuisine did it become traditional?

10. Kibbeh or kubba in traditional Turkish cuisine is ...

11. What kind of dough is a tweebak made of in Germany?

12. Schiller curls (Schillerlocken) are very popular in German cuisine. What are they?

13. Nalistniki in Ukrainian, Polish and Belarusian cuisine are ...

14. What do they rub on crusty bread when they make the traditional Italian dish bruschetta?

15. Which cuisine does chicken onion soup Cock-a-leekie belong to?