Dog Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers

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Dog Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers
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The Dog Quiz for Kids consists of 12 interesting questions. Test your knowledge!

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1. What dog breed is featured in one of Disney's most famous cartoons?

2. In which cartoon series do a cat and a dog not only live together, but are one and the same?

3. What sounds can a dog make?

4. What does a dog do with its tail when it is happy?

5. Which of these titles is not appropriate for a dog?

6. Which of these is the best name for a dog?

7. What breed of dog doesn't exist?

8. What shouldn't you feed your dog?

9. What shouldn't you do when a strange dog hits on the street?

10. Which breed of dog has curly hair?

11. Which dog has the coloration "black spots on a white background"?

12. What do you call a dog?