Ella Fitzgerald Quiz: questions and answers

Ella Fitzgerald Quiz: questions and answers
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Ella Fitzgerald was one of the best and most important singers in jazz music. She went from zero to hero and became the brightest star on the American music stage of the last century.

Ella Fitzgerald quiz includes ten interesting questions and answers about the life and career of this wonderful woman.

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1. When was Ella Fitzgerald born?

2. What was the singing voice of Ella Fitzgerald?

3. Which of the following was not one of Ella's nicknames?

4. Who was the biggest inspiration for Ella in her childhood?

5. When did Ella start to perform with Chick Webb's orchestra?

6. How many Verve studio albums did Ella record with Louis Armstrong?

7. How many Grammy awards did Ella win in total?

8. Who was Ella's second husband?

9. Which jazz style allowed Ella to start using scat singing as a major part of her performance?

10. At what age did Ella die?