Erudition Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions. Challenge Your Knowledge!

Erudition Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions. Challenge Your Knowledge!
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It's always fun to talk to someone who knows a lot. He is popular as a great conversationalist and make a good impression on others. Is this about you?

The Erudition Quiz, waiting for you on this page of our site, is a great test of your knowledge. It consists of 20 multiple choice trivia questions. Challenge Your Knowledge!

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1. Zezolla is short for Lucrezucia. Who is behind this name?

2. What does the science of glaciology, a branch of geography, study?

3. From what century do you think the doctrine of the spherical shape of the Earth began to form?

4. Cassius Marcellus Clay is the real name...

5. How many hills does Rome stand on?

6. What day is Mickey Mouse's birthday?

7. How many satellites does the planet Venus have?

8. Stockholm Syndrome is a phenomenon in which the victim has sympathy for the aggressor as a defensive reaction. Do you know what the opposite syndrome is called when sympathy occurs in the aggressor?

9. What distinguished Death Valley, which is located in the western United States in the state of California, on July 10, 1913?

10. Did Slavic mermaids have a fish tail?

11. From which word in Latin did the name of the confectionary "caramel" come?

12. Which museum is the most popular art museum in the world?

13. Leonardo da Vinci is known to have been fond not only of painting, but also of cooking. Do you know the recipe for his signature dish?

14. Do you know the name of Alexander the Great's mother?

15. What was the name of the people whose invasion of Europe at the end of the 4th century was one of the causes of the Great Migration of Nations?

16. What disease struck the world in 1346-1353?

17. Which cape is the most extreme southwestern point of Africa?

18. Where is the tallest building with 828 meters?

19. What do you think obelus is?

20. The great Pythagoras preached metempsychosis. What is it?