Flowers Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Flowers

Flowers Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Flowers
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1. What flowers did Nero Wolfe grow in Rex Stout's detective novels?

2. Which flower is the symbol of England?

3. Which flower can be called the national symbol of Russia?

4. Which flowers are considered a symbol of innocence and purity?

5. Which flower is called the flower of the sun in many countries of the world?

6. Which flowers are considered Pushkin's favorite flowers?

7. Which of the house flowers is a rose?

8. Which flower in Buddhism is considered a traditional symbol of nonattachment to samsara?

9. What flowers grew at the scene of the death of the young man who could not tear his eyes away from his reflection in the river?

10. Which flower is the symbol of Scotland?

11. Which flower is a Christian symbol of sorrow?

12. Which yellow flowers are poisonous?

13. Who works with flowers?