Forest Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions and Answers about Animals and Plants

Forest Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions and Answers about Animals and Plants
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The forest is a whole world with its own laws, inhabitants, and relations between them. Therefore, it is very important that when we are in it, we do not disturb the harmony that reigns in its territory. Do you like to be in the forest?

The Forest Quiz consists of 20 trivia questions with answers about animals and plants that will test your knowledge. Try not to get it wrong even once!

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1. Squirrels settle in hollow trees or build nests of moss and thin twigs with two openings. Why two exits?

2. Many animals that inhabit forests hibernate in winter. Which animals stay awake?

3. Which forest tree is considered sacred in many cultures, as well as a symbol of longevity and physical strength?

4. Which forest animal is depicted on a Canadian nickel coin?

5. There are many flowering plants in the woods that form a colorful, fragrant carpet. What color does the adonis bloom?

6. What is the difference between the Amur tiger and the Siberian tiger?

7. Gray wolves are typical members of the forest fauna. Choose the correct statement about their way of life.

8. What does a raccoon do when it can't escape from a predator chasing it?

9. The trees, shrubs, and grasses in the forest form tiers. What is included in the lowest tier?

10. This is the northernmost cat to be found in coniferous forests and taiga.

11. A variety of annual and perennial grasses can be found in the forest. Do you know what type of inflorescence the common dudnik has?

12. Many forest plants have medicinal properties and are widely used in medicine. Lily of the May is included in ...

13. Which of these birds is not a bird of prey?

14. Badgers are members of the family of the dun. Who else belongs to this family?

15. Choose the correct answer with the description of the leaves of an alder.

16. How many fawns per calving does a female red deer give birth to?

17. Where do woodpeckers prefer to live?