French Desserts Quiz: Trivia Questions with Answers

French Desserts Quiz: Trivia Questions with Answers
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French desserts are a delightful treat for true gourmets. As well as other dishes of French cuisine. Today we want to test your knowledge of them.

The French Desserts Quiz consists of multiple choice trivia questions with answers. If you have a good knowledge of the subject you can probably cope with each of them. Good Luck!

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1. What is Madeleine?

2. What is a French pastry made of egg whites, sugar, and ground almonds called?

3. In what year did the parfait dessert appear?

4. When did the petit fours appear in France?

5. For which feast is the French dessert chaudot usually prepared?

6. Where was the Savoyardi cookie, another name for which is Ladyfinger, invented?

7. What is Savoyardi used in making?

8. What is used to make chaudo dessert?

9. Which clafouti is considered a classic?

10. Who invented the dessert cannelle?