Fruit and Vegetable Quiz: 15 Questions for True Know-it-alls

Fruit and Vegetable Quiz: 15 Questions for True Know-it-alls
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Fall is the time when fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins. It's a good time to saturate your body with them in anticipation of winter. So today we want to remind you of this and once again offer to test your knowledge.

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1. Which country is the leader in the production and export of avocados?

2. What plants do pineapples grow on?

3. Meyer lemon is a hybrid of ...

4. What type of fruit does the watermelon fruit belong to?

5. What is the approximate caloric value of ripe tomato fruit?

6. What fruit was called a doula in the 17th century?

7. Which region of the world is considered the birthplace of garlic?

8. How much percent is water in the chemical composition of the cucumber fruit?

9. Where was the onion considered a sacred vegetable?

10. In Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, this fruit is used to make a thick drink called Qamar al-Din ("Moon of Religion"), which is a popular dish during Ramadan.

11. The name of this fruit comes from the Latin word for bird glue.

12. What do almonds and plums have in common?

13. Figs or figs are ...

14. Avalon il "apple country" is ....

15. Calvados is an alcoholic drink from the French region of Lower Normandy. What fruit is used to make it?