Geography Quiz: 20 Questions with Answers. Everyone Should Know That!

Geography Quiz: 20 Questions with Answers. Everyone Should Know That!
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Geography is a complex of sciences that give us the information we need about our home planet. It is so important for general human development that we start studying it at school. And some of us continue to do it even afterwards. But today we offer you to check the basic knowledge. 

The Geography quiz consists of 20 questions with aanswers, the difficulty of which we define as average. If you did well in school, you will be able to handle each of them. Test your knowledge!

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1. What is the name of a map of the world on which states with borders and important cities are marked?

2. Which sea is not confined to land?

3. How many layers are part of the continental earth's crust?

4. What is the lower layer of the atmosphere in which we live called?

5. Which continent has the smallest area?

6. Which sea washes the shores of Italy?

7. Choose the state that borders Norway.

8. A mountain system that is located in North America.

9. What is a monsoon?

10. Christopher Columbus discovered America, though in fact his goal was a very different country. What was it?

11. What is the most famous waterfall in Canada called?

12. The geographic belt that has the most rainfall.

13. The smallest state in Europe.

14. In which country is the westernmost cape of Eurasia, which is called Cape Rock?

15. Name the most full-flowing river on Earth that flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

16. In which ocean is the famous Mariana Trench located?

17. Which island is separated from the continent by the Strait of Mozambique?

18. Another name for Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world.

19. In which natural area do mosses and lichens cover most of the land?

20. Which continents are separated by the Panama Canal?