German Writers Quiz: What do you know about them?

German Writers Quiz: What do you know about them?
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The German Writers Quiz, which you can take right now on our website, is a great opportunity to test what you know about famous writers of Germany.

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1. Who wrote the ballad "Erlkönig"?

2. With whom does Mephistopheles make a wager in Goethe's Faust?

3. To which century does the work of the Brothers Grimm belong?

4. What is another name for a gnome tychogrom?

5. Which author did not write in the 19th century?

6. Which of the following novels was not written by Hermann Hesse?

7. Who wrote the novel Three Comrades?

8. Whose favorite drink was calvados?

9. What happened to Nietzsche in the last years of his life?

10. What is the main character from Kafka's work "The Judgment" accused of?