Grass Quiz: questions and answers

Grass Quiz: questions and answers
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Are you good at the flora and fauna? Let's check what do you know about one of the most important parts of nature!

Grass quiz includes questions related specifically to this topic. Playing this quiz will help you to improve your knowledge of biology. 

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1. What is the scientific name for grasses?

2. How many subfamilies of grasses exist?

3. How many types of lawn grass are there?

4. Which grass is not a lawn grass?

5. How many types of ornamental grasses are there?

6. Who is the author of the novel "Greener Than You Think", which tells the story of unstoppable Bermuda grass that is slowly taking the world over?

7. Which grass can not be consumed by people?

8. Which grass is present in Antarctica?

9. Which animals do not eat grasses?