Henny Penny Quiz: questions and answers

Henny Penny Quiz: questions and answers
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This is one of the most popular European folk tales that has a lot of versions all over the world. Despite the fact that these versions may have different endings, the moral is always the same.

Henny Penny quiz includes several interesting questions and answers about this tale.

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1. What is the fairy tale also known as?

2. What does the chick belive?

3. Which phrase from the fairy tale became a common idiom in the English language?

4. Who was the first to print the fairy tale as a part of the German fairy tale collection?

5. What made the chick believe that the sky is falling and the world is coming to an end?

6. Who of the forest animals also believes that the world is coming to an end?

7. When did Walt Disney Pictures make the first screen adaptation of the fairy tale?

8. What is the most familiar ending of the fairy tale?